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Planning A Lawn Spring Clean

With spring just around the corner, NOW is the time to have a look at the lawns, and put an action plan in place for a Spring Clean getting ready for those lazy days of summer.

When It Comes to Turf & Lawn Care Ask Yourself……

Q. Does the lawn have broadleaf, onehunga weed (prickles) or daisys etc., on it?
A.Yes, we would recommend that you have a weed spray done, to clean them off?

Q. Do you have lots of moss which has appeared over the wet Winter period?
A.Yes, this can easily be dealt with through a moss spray.

Q. Does the lawn have lots of dead looking grass through it?
A.Yes, a good dethatch would set the grass up for the upcoming summer. Regular dethatching, which aerates the grass and removes any dead vegetation build. Keeps the plants healthy.

Q. Is the lawn looking yellow or a bit off colour?
A.Yes, applying Turf Gold, a slow release fertiliser every couple of months, will assist the grass to thrive, rather than be hungry all the time. Also a thick healthy lawn is less susceptible to broadleaf weeds, fungal infections etc., and stays healthier all year round!  

Q. Is the grass looking a bit sparse with more broadleaf weeds than grass?
A.Yes, now is an excellent time to resow or renovate the lawn with fresh grass seed.

Whatever the scenario you find yourself in, or if you are unsure as what you should use or what to do next…

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