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Lawn Sowing Procedure

  1. Remove existing Vegetation by machinery or spraying.
  2. Cultivate the area with appropriate machinery or dig the area over with a shovel.
  3. Work the soil to a fine tilth with a cultivator or rake.
  4. Shape the area to achieve the desired finish (NB: Have slope running away from the house. Do not leave sharp curves that will let the mower scalp the ground.
  5. Work a pre-plant fertiliser into the soil with a rake. Do not exceed recommended rates and use a spreader to ensure an even application.
  6. Spread seed onto surface and rake into the soil.
  7. Roll the lawn with a lawn roller. This will ensure the seed can get moisture to germinate.
  8. Wet the seed bed with a fine spray. Water in the morning and early afternoon. Do not soak the soil.
  9. As the grass grows you can water less often but apply more.
  10. Mow when the grass is 50mm high over 80% of the lawn. Set the mower to cut at 40mm

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