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Turf Lawns & Instant Lawns – Enjoy Your Lawn Straight Away

If you have every dreampt of having a new lawn, there overnight, then Turf Lawn is the answer for you. A good quality turf lawn, can add value to your home with little to no work.

Having a turf lawn put in, allows you the enjoyment of an established lawn straight away. Free of weeds, and with a good lawn care program in place, long term pleasure.

Turf Lawns & Instant Lawns -Types & Pricing

Rye Grass- Available

A dwarf ryegrass ideally suited to hard wearing or sports surfaces. Comprises of a fine leaf blade and a beautiful dark green colouration.

Tall Fescue – Available

Is a lush dark green grass, which is drought tolerant species making it ideal for the Tauranga / Mount / Papamoa region. The leaf is thicker than other grasses, and likes to be mower at (at least) 40mm length to ensure a healthy lush lawn.

Fine Fescue – Available

This grass, is a blend of chewing fescue and creeping red fescue. From a texture perspective these are the finest of the temperate amenity grasses. They survive well in shady areas. This grass can be mower at around 25-30mm in height.

Regal Staygreen Kikuyu – Not Currently Available

This is a new type of Kikuyu grass. It does not have the long runners you typically see in our coastal wild kikuyu. It is very draught tolerant, and is slightly darker green that the normal kikuyu. This grass does go into a dormancy period over the Winter months (June-August) and does turn a yellow/brown colour.

All of the turf that Turf Lawn Care supply is grown by Finelawns in the Waikato Region. Finelawn was established in 1987, and is the largest turf production facility in New Zealand at this time.

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