Overseeding – An important part of lawn care, not to be overlooked.

We have a large Overseeding unit, which gives us the ability to effectively and efficiently plant hectares.

Overseeding is an important part of lawn care. However it is often overlooked as there is the belief that if a lawn is being treated with fertiliser then there is no need for overseeding.

However it should be noted that after a period of time, the rate of grass reproduction tends to slow down, this can lead to tired, thinning grass that tends to  attract more weeds. It is the process of overseeding that compensates for this slow down in growth rate

Overseeding your lawn annually helps to create lush, thick and healthy lawns. Thinning patches develop more growth and look rejuvenated whilst thick grass develops less weeds if cut at the optimum height.

Overseeding is a great way to have sports fields or large paddocks done with great, looking results!

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