Caring For Your Lawn – Weed Spray & Fertiliser

Weed Spray

  • In Autumn and Spring are typically the times that you spray for specific uninvited plants onto your lawn. Such as broadleaf, daisy’s, creeping oxalis, prickle weed (also known as onehunga weed) etc.
  • Spraying twice a year, will ensure that this keeps them at arms length. If you follow the spray with a great fertliser, this will boost your grass.
  • Also spraying for plants like Moss (especially after wet winter), also ensures that you remove them effectively and efficiently.The only thing you have to be careful of is that the spray that you are using actually suites the type of grass or grasses your lawn has on it. You can get herbicides which kill some grasses, but leaves others alone. So make sure you read the label CAREFULLY!

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  • After applying a weed spray, it is a great time to apply a good quality turf grass fertiliser. We recommend Turf Gold, which can be applied every 8-10 weeks.
  • Keeping the grass well fertilised, will assist it to maintain good health, which promotes a thick dense grass.
  • A good healthy lawn also reduces the amount of broadleaf types weeds from coming in.

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