Maintain A Healthy Lawn With Our Lawn Care Guide

Lawn care – New Lawns

This is very important for all newly seeded lawn.

water lawn

Water every day to ensure germination. During dry weather water morning and mid afternoon if possible. Depending on the seasons and the type of grass seed used, germination can start anywhere from 5-21 days. (NB: Do not depend on the heavens providing you with water.)

Do not soak the soil or allow pooling, as this will damage the seed. As the lawn gets established water less often.

Mow when the majority (60%) of the grass is about 45-50mm high (which is around 2-3 weeks depending on the season) over most of the lawn. Set the mower to cut the grass at 40mm high. You should be mowing the lawn at a minimum of weekly. The more you mow the grass, the quicker it will thicken.

New lawn should not have a weed spray (herbicides) application, for at least 6 months after sowing. Before applying, please read the label.

Lawn care – Mowing

Mow the lawn when the grass is 50mm high (2 inches). Set the mower to cut to 40mm (1.5 inches).

Mow when the lawn needs mowing, this may be every 5 days during the growing season.

Mowing weekly helps to thicken up the lawn.
Ensure that you remove grass clippings from the lawn at all times.

fertilise lawn
Lawn care – Fertiliser

To ensure that you lawns stays stay healthy, fertilise it every 8-10 weeks with a good quality fertliser.
We recommend:-

Applying Turf Gold,for Spring and Autumn @ 2.5kg per 100 m2.
Premax (with Pendamethalin helps stop summer grasses from germinating) over Summer @ 2.7kg per 100m2, apply late October and late December.
Supreme Fertiliser over Winter @ 2kg per 100m2.


lawn weedkiller

Lawn care – Weeds

Broadleaf weeds (e.g. broadleaves, daisy, creeping oxyalis and prickles/onehunga weed) and Kikuyu are best controlled by herbicide application in spring and autumn. Use Victory.

For summer grasses control, apply a pre-emergent Pendimethalin herbicide in late October or early November and again after 8 weeks. This can reduce summer grass invasion. Please note – A thick healthy lawn will reduce weed invasion.



Lawn care – Watering

Start to water your lawn early in summer, before the soil dries out. A good watering once a week in October will reduce the amount of water needed in January.

Most sprinklers apply about 30 litres of water per minute. 10 minutes per shift should be enough water.


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